About US

"We present pure style and comfort at your doorstep so you can rock every oc­casion."

Bridging the pesky gap between loving an outfit online and doubting its look on you, CAPRA brings to­get her your signature look styled by pros and approved by YOU! We pres­ent pure style and comfort at your doorstep so you can rock every occa­sion. Whether you like casual, sexy, sporty, vintage or classic, our fashion buffet will cater to all your style woes with prices that fit every youngster's

We're here to break through the clutter of e-commerce and give your wardrobe the makeover you've ve always wanted. Experience the wor ld of CAPRA by signing up for our newsletter and stay con­stantly updated with the new trends and offers by following us on

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"If fashionis the concept, and style is the planning, then clothes are the execution."

A hint of wild behavior, a dash of movies and music, a pinch of colors and graphics and a whole lot of latest trends; Capra's exclu­sive collection is an intriguing mix of the above inspirations that are

fused with easygoing, comfortable styles.

We intend our creat ions to be deciphered as the feel-good clothing line. Capra's finishing touches are exactly like its community­ urban, fashion forwar d and lively. Our diversity in designs roots f rom the wide spectr um of young persona lities, their possible fash-ion needs and how to possibly make up for those issues.