"I'll definitely find something top-notch on Capra!" , these are the words that we forsee our loyal customer base to repeat. Capra sees itself as the favorite name for the free-spirited modern crowd and their fashions needs.

The aim is to create and provide an urban and flawless personalized experience, which would make any customer dress and feel like a celebrity! We're here to rescue you from the problems of not finding the right fit, style or design in the market and our goal is to provide for these omissions


The dream job of every fashion-oriented individual circles around the idea of working in a lively environment that's identical to that of Capra. Each day at Capra feels like stepping into the world of the Fashion gods of the 21st century.

Currently, we have created a model environment for diverse, energetic, go getters that have a wild love affair with fashion. And we're victims to falling in love with candidates that maintain it with professionalism in their field.


Capra thrives on teamwork and eccentric new fashion trends. we are run by a community that is excited about and in love with the latest fashion fads.

A dynamic and unique team that identifies the target market and knows and understands their fashions needs is what makes Capra tha place to be a busy and refreshing workplace.

If you are open-minded, people oriented and goal driven then we're here to welcome you to the Capra family!